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Over the past thirty years GIGATECH has built its reputation on installing, documenting and maintaining structured cabling. GIGATECH offers a wide range of cabling solutions, each tailored to meet different technical and budgetary requirements specific to your business needs. Our long association with the industry has seen many changes in standards and technology; as a result we are able to support any existing cable installation as well as being able to offer the most up to date cable solutions. Our product flexibility can be used to create a network that is the most appropriate for your organization's needs, comprised of complete structured cabling systems from initial consultancy and design, to installation and maintenance of complex voice and data network infrastructure. Our highly trained technicians have experience in virtually every type of working environment; corporate, medical, education, industrial, and retail.
No matter how big or small your network or telecommunication system, the proper cable installation is a crucial foundation to achieving excellent network performance. We take pride in ensuring your installation is completed to your specifications and satisfaction. Whether large cable plants or small moves adds and changes, GIGATECH takes great pride in providing structured cabling solutions that come with extensive warranties and are capable of outperforming any other in the marketplace. With industry partners whose qualifications are unparalleled to the most thoroughly trained technicians in the industry, we are confident that you will have a trusted partner in GIGATECH.

GIGATECH has a total commitment to quality, professionalism and providing the best data and network cable installation service possible. Our technicians are BISCI certified as well as certified by leading manufacturers to install, terminate and test all categories of copper cable as well as, fiber optic cable. In addition, we install RG-6, RG-11, outside plant copper and fiber optic cable and air-blown fiber optic cable. Our installations include testing of all voice and data circuits or fiber optic strands. Our goal is to provide excellent service, develop partnerships and build long-term relationships.

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