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Data Center Implementation

When implenting a data center proper planning is imperative in order to serve the needs of the business groups the data center will support. By nature, these groups require the most efficient engine for optimum running speed, as well as the expectation to maintain a 100% uptime rating. GIGATECH has the experience you need with installing the physical layer connectivity in all shapes and sizes of data centers. From local companies to global entities needing hundreds of thousands of feet, of copper and fiber to connect their data center requirements, we’ve experienced them all.

Data center applications can include audio visual, multi-media, market data service, security service as well as the multifaceted forms of data transfer. The structured cabling system must consist of products and a professional installation which will be held accountable and up to the task. At GIGATECH we are experts at assessing the customers needs and applications and helping them select products and the end-to-end manufacturers solution, which will provide them with confidence in the network now and for the future.

GIGATECH can help you identify the main initiatives and strategies for your data center while keeping in mind ways to reduce total operating costs, enhance business agility and improve business continuance. Pushing the limits of a copper and fiber data center based infrastructure is a topic we are familiar with and look forward to discussing with you, for our next opportunity.

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